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The next book excerpt, plus a little test and a tease . . .


The book excerpt is below and I am feeling really pleased with the direction it is taking. When I think about getting everything I know, teach, and experience on the topic of the Intuitive Voice down in book format, it sometimes feels overwhelming— the act of writing an entire book without pictures! It is no small thing to undertake and do justice to the subject. But utilizing this platform in the way that I am, gives me the ability to trick the internal critic into settling down. I am not writing an entire book today. I am simply writing a single post. I am not even thinking about the goal I’ve set for my word count. I am only putting down the words that are in my head and allowing them to lead me to the next word, the next thought, the next paragraph. In other words, I am relying on my own Intuitive Voice to lead.

Now about that test I mentioned in the byline! I am so excited to announce that my request to be a Beta tester for the video feature on this platform has been approved. The video above is not an advertisement for an upcoming workshop, but simply my way of trying the feature and a bit of a tease as to how I plan to use it.

Beginning this month (June) paid subscribers will have access to a monthly prerecorded video conversation on the topic of the Intuitive Voice. These conversations will be edited from recordings of my online courses over the past two years and uploaded here on the blog. They will not always be directly related to the book excerpt in any given month, but will, I hope, prompt deeper conversation and thoughts on the subject as a whole.

Beginning next month (July) paid subscribers will also start receiving monthly journal prompts and writing exercises. These will sometimes be presented in a single post and sometimes in several posts spread out over the course of days in order to allow you the chance to experience the full impact of the exercise.

It is my deepest hope that these videos and writing prompts, along with the monthly excerpt from the book, will help each of you to begin returning to your own Intuitive Voice and discover how to use it more effectively as artists and humans.

Not a paid subscriber and uncertain about making the commitment? Now you can jump in for a 7-day free trial period, gain access to all the previously published book excerpts and posts for paid subscribers and receive any new ones during your trial period to decide if it is right for you!

Now on to this months excerpt:

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