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It All Mattered

Intuitive Voice Recovery is a Process


Remember Who You Are

PSA: Autism Doesn't Have A Look

There's No Right Way To Spend This Day

Flow State

Putting It All On The Table

The Work of Recovery Begins with Deep Listening

From Chaos and Confusion to The Knowing Place

Creativity is Not a Passive Activity

The Eleventh Hour is Right on Time

Rally to the Finish Line

Opposites Attract

Recovering Your Intuitive Voice

How to break the critic’s spell

The Crack in Everything

Transformation of Being

The Knowing That Surpasses All Knowing

Hello, My Name Is Crystal Marie . . .

The Purge and The Knowing

A Tale of Two Paintings


Curiosity Leads The Way

What Is A House?

Somewhere Between

The Myth of the Messy Middle

Catapult Down

Be Curious

This Present Moment

Mount Delectable


Trust Will Set You Free

The Spiral, The Meltdown, and The Shutdown

On the Importance of Belonging


The Flip Side of The Comparison Trap

The Narrow Road

The Elephant In The Room

Easy/Hard or Hard/Easy

Say Anything

And so it begins...

On The Surface Of Things

Word of the Year:Deeper


There is both fear and resolve written across her brow


On The Occasion of My Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

When It Turns Out You're The Stevie


Fear in Fancy Pants

That Isn't Intuition-That's Hindsight

Spiraling Up

Stand Tall Simone Biles, I'm a Quitter Too

The Pearl - A Story In Three Parts

November 1st

Out of the Darkness: Resolved

Somewhere Between

Thank You For Joining Me In My Outrage - Now Can We Talk About My Privilege?

On Numbing Out and The Passing Of Time

This Is My Marathon

It Was So Much More

Order. Disorder. Reorder. What next.

As If

For Mature Audiences Only (Or for those who need to hear they are enough)

When Helping Really Hurts and Other Life Lessons

Maybe It's Not So Bad To Be Like Delilah

Don"t Be Like Delilah!

On The Spirit of Immigration and Independence

Dream Killers vs Dream Catchers

First To See

On Facing Your Fears and New Year's Resolutions

"People Never Change" and Other Myths of the Human Spirit

On Anne Lamott and the Epiphany of Friendship

With gratitude and excitement, I'm so glad you're here!

How Curiosity Killed the Roly Poly

A Star Spangled Lullaby

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